Jennifer Shell
Custom Makeup Design
for the New York Bride

For the past twelve years, it has been my privilege and pleasure to work behind the scenes to create wedding memories in the New York City area.  My objective is to work together with the bride to design a custom makeup look for her "red carpet" moment.

I am asked all the time what is the best bridal makeup advice or tips.  Really, it is the same for all women, but especially on her wedding day; Be beautiful and confident in your own skin.  Luminous skin is any bride's best feature.  Drink 10 glasses of water every day. Go for walks.  Take deep breaths.   Relax - and let me help to make it the wedding of your dreams.

Bridal makeup is clean, flawless and refined.  Designed to enhance your beauty, the look should be ageless.  Wedding photos and video are viewed for a lifetime and should instill a feeling of pride when you look back on that memorable day.  Makeup artistry is my passion.  Unlike many makeup artists, I am not involved with cosmetics promotion of any kind.  I have experience with numerous cosmetics products and only use the highest quality makeup that has been designed for long wear and professional photography.

Photo by Love Captures Photography

In planning for the perfect bridal look, you probably have scoured numerous articles and websites detailing the "RULES" for flawless bridal makeup.  There are several factors to consider in choosing the the look that is right for you, such as the style of photography you've chosen, an indoor vs. an outdoor wedding, the weather etc..  My philosophy is-- let me worry about the "rules"for you, while you sit back in my makeup chair and get ready for your close-up.
Let's schedule a time to get together and create the custom bridal look you have envisioned for your wedding day.  Collect your photos from bridal magazines of makeup looks you love, a photo from a previous occasion when you felt positively gorgeous, a photo of a celebrity bride who captured the look you want.
We'll put all of it together and design the wedding makeup look -just for you.

Why Hire A Professional Makeup Artist? 

Months, even years of planning go into the perfect wedding.  Much time and expense are put into making sure family and friends enjoy themselves.  Yet, personal services for the bride are sometimes put  in second place.  What will please family and guests most is, to see the bride looking luminous, a refined and enhanced version of herself.  When choosing your makeup professional a few things to consider are punctuality, talent, personality, years of experience and quality and cleanliness of makeup kit.  The bottom line is that you need and deserve a skilled, confident artist who is listening carefully to your wish for your wedding day look and translates it into art.  Makeup is a very personal and intimate experience and you should sit in the makeup chair with ultimate confidence.

 Color Photography:  We have all seen wedding photos that have made us cringe.  The too dark brown or plum eyeshadow that creates the "black eye" affect.  The classic "pasty white face", where the foundation shade was too light, the product too opaque and looks like  mask, not matching the neck and ears.  How about "bronzer bride"?  Too orange and sparkly.  There are specific techniques and products best suited for professional color photography.  All of these will be incorporated into your personal makeup design. 

Black & White Photography:  Photos taken in black and white or sepia (antique) are timeless and gaining more and more popularity as bridal photogrpahy takes a stronger photo journalistic turn.  Makeup that looks beautiful in person or in a color photograph can be a disaster in black and white.  There are specific products, techniques and color choices that must be considered when black and white photography will be used.  These techniques and products will be incorporated into your personal bridal makeup design.

Photo By Anthony Vazquez Photography

To schedule an appointment or for more information please call 917.279.6525 or email me at

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